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この日本語版ウェブサイトは、日本の業界の皆様と南オーストラリア州に拠点を置く 食品/飲料企業とのビジネスの参考になるように作成いたしました。

フードサウスオーストラリア(Food South Australia)は、南オーストラリア州に拠点を置く生鮮食品、加工食品、飲料の企業を会員として構成されている業界団体です。本社はアデレードにあり日本に拠点もあります。






The Food South Australia Japan Directory has been developed to help food and beverage industry professionals in Japan connect with food and beverage businesses based in South Australia.

Food South Australia is an independent, industry-led and membership-based organisation representing food manufacturing and beverage companies based in South Australia, with in-country representation and an office in Japan. Consider Food South Australia as your essential, visible and trusted business partner. We are here to connect buyers, retailers, chefs and food and beverage professionals in Japan with the manufacturers and producers of premium South Australian food and beverages.

This website provides a directory of South Australian food and beverage businesses exporting premium products to Japan. These businesses are leaders in their industry and proud members of Food South Australia. Our Japan Office team are happy to help you with more information.

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    Bakery and cereals

    South Australia’s bakery and cereal companies are producing premium flours, baking ingredients and crackers for sophisticated tastes worldwide.

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    South Australia’s beverage companies are internationally recognised for their cordials, flavoured milks, fresh juices, carbonated soft drinks, and spring and flavoured waters.

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    South Australia is renowned for premium gourmet convenience products including pasta, ready meals, jams, olive oils, honey, dressings and marinades.

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    Fruit and vegetables

    South Australia’s varied climate provides the ideal environment for growing a wide range of fruit, vegetables and nuts.

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    South Australia’s premium meat products such as beef, lamb, pork and game are highly sought after by chefs around the world.

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    The pristine waters off South Australia’s coast nurture premium seafood products such as southern Bluefin tuna, oyster, abalone, southern rock lobster, and Spencer Gulf king prawn.

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    South Australian food companies are driving innovative product development in artisan, gourmet, organic, free range, sustainable and ‘free from’ functional foods.

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